I am an AOL User and I Can’t Receive Emails

If the email messages are being mistaken by AOL as unsolicited commercial email, and are therefore being blocked, you will need to edit your personal spam settings.

Edit Your Spam Settings

You can edit your spam settings a number of ways. You can allow email from all senders, restrict senders to a list that you design, block certain domains… even turn AOL’s mail filtering off altogether! We suggest familiarizing yourself with AOL’s mail filtering system and make the best choices for you.

If your mail controls are set to use a custom filter list, you will need to add the sender’s domain (for example, glocksoft.com) to your list of accepted domains.

If your mail controls are set to only accept from "people you know", you will need to add the sender’s email address (for example, noreply@glocksoft.com) to your address book.

Ensure AOL Doesn’t Delete Your Mail

AOL is now either filtering email they consider to be spam into a "Spam Folder" or deleting it completely. Ensure that AOL doesn’t delete your mail by following these instructions:

  • Open your AOL Mail and Spam Controls (keyword SPAM)
  • Under the heading "Blocked mail should be:" (lower left corner) select Delivered to Spam Folder
  • Click Save

Check Your Filtered Email

After you edit your settings you should check your spam folder to see if any *wanted* email is there. To check your filtered mail:

  • Open AOL
  • Click Mail (upper-left)
  • Click Spam Folder (third section down)

If any *wanted* email is in your Spam Folder, be sure let AOL know that it isn’t spam! To do this:

  • Select the email you want
  • Click the button that says "This is not spam"

The email will be moved to your Inbox and AOL shouldn’t filter future correspondences from that sender. If you do not do this, all future emails from that sender will be filtered to Spam Folder.

Still Don’t Receive Mail?

If the email is not in your spam box, try adding the sender’s email address to your address book.

If after following the instructions above you still do not receive emails, you will need to contact AOL and ask them for assistance. Tell them that you want to receive all emails sent from glocksoft.com, for instance, specifically noreply@glocksoft.com and support.

AOL Contact Information:

Phone: toll free at (800) 827-6364.
Online Help: Keyword Support


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