• How to Build Large Responsive Double Opt-In Lists

  • How to Create and Deliver Personalized HTML Email Newsletters

  • How to Monitor Email Campaign Tracking Metrics

  • The complete book. 7 Chapters. Completely free to read online.

Email Marketing Guide

The book covers nearly everything you need to know about:

  • New ways to build your opt-in list & maximize your list response rate
  • Designing HTML emails for email clients and web-based email services
  • Simple email layouts that work best
  • Testing & delivering HTML email newsletters
  • Segmenting email lists & personalizing emails
  • Best email marketing practices & tips for better email delivery and open rate
  • Email campaign tracking: what happens after you click “Send” button?

Discover how to:

  • Build your in-house high responsive email list
  • Design your opt-in page & generate profits from the signup process
  • Create a good, “healthy” email newsletter
  • Optimize the email newsletter for higher open rate
  • Measure your email campaign performance: do you know how many recipients opened your email?
  • Manage your “bouncebacks” and “unsubscribes”
  • Identify inactive recipients & tips to re-engage them

Read it free online

Absolutely free.

The complete book. 7 Chapters. Completely free to read online.

User Reviews

 by Peter Banos on HTML Email Guide
An excellent referral source

An excellent referral source, focusing on essential issues required for successful email campaigns. I can imagine the time that would be required to learn about these pitfalls through the school of hard knocks. It was with trepidation that I chose G-Lock over other email program providers, since everyone claims to be the best and most complete. I'm pleased with the decision and happy to report that my first efforts were successful. That certainly relieved the anxiety!

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