Why Subscribers Become Inactive

Some time later after the launch of your email marketing program you may discover (based on your campaign statistics) that some of your subscribers didn’t open any of your emails within a certain period of time. You would most likely wonder why. We believe that the causes of such inactivity may be the following (we don’t include bounced emails in this case):

  • Loss of interest. Some subscribers might have changed their interests and they don’t need your products, services, or content anymore. They are maybe too lazy to go through the opt-out process, or maybe waiting for the things to change.
  • Boring or repetitive Subject lines. Keep in mind that your subscribers may have many emails to look through every day. To save their precious time, people often look at the Subject lines to decide which email is worth to be read and which is not. Boring or repetitive Subject lines from message to message can lead to the subscriber’s loss of interest to your newsletter.
  • Rarely checked mailboxes. There are email accounts that are still active but rarely monitored by the user.
  • Anti-spam filters. Your message may contain some recurring content (images, links, text) that causes it to get filtered by a spam filter – either at the ISP, corporate or end-user level. Because you may not get a bounced message, you may think that the message is delivered but actually it is not. Or, you message may be delivered to a "bulk" or "spam" folder in the recipient’s email client. Many recipients may not check these folders assuming that everything they contain is spam.


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