Click-through Rate

How many people clicked the links in your email? Which links did they click the most? Did you see a rise in purchases? How long after you sent the campaign do links keep getting clicked?

Try experimenting with:

  • Number of links in your message. One big link, or lots of different short links?
  • Product photos for each link.
  • Wording of each link.
  • Segmenting your list, and sending more focused emails (and links that are more relevant).

Test from G-Lock Software: Two slightly different Subject lines

We did a test to see if the click through rate would change if we insert the abbreviation of our company at the beginning of our subject line. We thought that this might help our customers recognize our emails easier, and would result in a higher click through rate.

We sent out the exact same message to equal portions of our email list, with the only difference between the two being that we inserted "[G-Lock EasyMail]" at the beginning of the subject line for one of them…

"[G-Lock EasyMail] New video tutorial and quick reminder…"

After sending out the emails to the two groups, we got the following results.

The click through rate increased 56% by placing [G-Lock EasyMail] at the beginning of the subject line! And we can talk about a drastic increase in profits by simply using the abbreviation in the subject line. That can make the difference between success and failure in a marketing campaign.


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