I am a YAHOO User and I Can’t Receive Emails

Yahoo seems to filter email they consider junk mail into a folder titled Bulk.

To ensure that you are able to receive email from the specific sender, you must do the following:

  • Log into your Yahoo Account
  • Click Options
  • Click Filters
  • Click Add
  • Type: "Safe List" into the Filter Name Field
  • Type the sender’s domain, for example glocksoft.com into the field where it says "From header: contains"
  • Select "Inbox" where it says "Then … Move the message to:"
  • Click "Add Filter"

Once you add the sender to your Safe filter, you should be able to receive all email he sends you. If you are still unable to receive email, please check your Bulk Mail folder to see if the email was filtered there. If it was, you need to open the email in your browser and click the Not Spam button at the bottom of your window. The email will be moved to your Inbox and Yahoo shouldn’t filter future correspondences from that sender.

If you do not click the Not Spam button, all future emails from that sender may continue to be filtered to your Bulk Email. You should continue to check this "Bulk" folder from time to time to make sure that no other important emails have been filtered there as well.

Yahoo! (and other ISP’s) gives people the ability to click a button that labels the message as SPAM. Some people "forget" that they opted-in, but others simply don’t realize that by flagging a message as SPAM, they are causing problems for the owner of the list they are on.

If Yahoo! gets the wrong impression about the sender’s domain, and that domain name just appearing in the message BODY, it causes Yahoo! to flag the message as SPAM.

The solution is to simply use a new domain to redirect people to necessary pages.

So if you find yourself caught in the SPAM filters, it is perhaps a domain name you’re putting in the BODY that has been misflagged as a source of SPAM. If so, use a redirect work-around.

Yahoo Contact Information:

Online Help: http://add.yahoo.com/fast/help/us/mail/cgi_spamguardplus


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