How People Report Spam

The recipients can send spam complaints in three ways:

  • By using a link or button like "Report Spam" provided by large ISPs such as AOL, Yahoo!, Hotmail, EarthLink, NetZero, and Juno.
  • By using a spam complaint service such as SpamCop or Vipul’s Razor.
  • By sending spam complaints directly to e-mail abuse addresses at ISPs and the FTC.

ISPs and anti-spam services use spam complaints to improve their anti-spam algorithms. They also use complaints as a sort of voting system to decide whether the email coming from a certain IP address is good or spam. Too many complaints may cause a message being filtered into junk folders or rejected entirely. The sender then may be required to take specific steps, such as reconfirming a mailing list, before he is allowed to send the emails again.


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