What are the Downsides of Sending a Correction Email

Sometimes a correction email may come to your help if you made a serious mistake in the original message, but at the same time it may play a nasty trick on you. Yes, sending a correction email may have a few downsides.

  • Firstly, some recipients will simply not like to receive another email from you in a short amount of time. That’s why try to determine what recipients were affected by the error and send the correction email to those people only.
  • Secondly, people used to scan the email and they may not notice the mistake. The correction email brings the mistake to their attention and can affect your company reputation.
  • And finally, a correction email can cause a few additional unsubscribe requests. For this reason, send a correction email only if you made a big goof in the original letter that can seriously mislead your subscribers and/or ruin your company brand.


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