Don’t Email on Weekends

It’s believed that emails sent on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday get better open rates. There is some truth in it. The work is in full swing and people are more likely to act on the messages. So, if you are sending breaking news, announcements, daily newsletters and the like, consider distributing them in the middle of the week.

However, for non-business related emails weekends as well as Monday and Friday can be the best time to motivate readers or customers to take a specific action upon your message. Think about sports or music fans, cine amateurs, weekend sport warriors and others, who may be more likely to take an action on the weekend. Also, some people used to plan their purchases for the weekend when they are in a “purchasing mood”.

In addition, the consistency you are distributing your newsletter is important too. Sending it consistently on a Monday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday will generally lead to better results and your open rates are likely to be higher than if you send inconsistently on Tuesday through Thursday.

The bottom line: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are optimal days to send email newsletters. But if your company offers goods or products relevant to your customers’ leisure-time, consider sending the emails on different days – Saturday or Sunday. And try to establish the consistency so that your subscribers can expect the arrival of your email at the specified day.


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