Bigger List, Better Results

Since email marketing is the cheapest form of marketing, many email marketers focus on building as big mailing list as possible believing that the bigger list they have the better results they get. Of course, obtaining new subscribers or customers is a good thing. But a smaller list of active, interested and motivated subscribers or customers is really what you should aim at. At least, take time to clear your list from invalid emails and reduce the energy you spend on your inactive members.

Here are a few tips how you can get the most out of your active members:

  • Deliver on whatever promises you make during the subscription process.
  • Segment your subscribers into smaller groups for which you are able to send targeted and personalized email messages.
  • Test. Try different offers, formats, subject lines, distribution days and other variables.
  • Don’t limit yourself to open and click-through tracking. Also use a web-based tracking method to understand what variables are producing the most desired actions.
  • Consider sending follow-up campaigns and trigger-based emails to the subscribers when they do or do not take a specific action such as not opening an email or clicking on a specific link.

The bottom line: Take steps to grow your list but focus on getting a greater response out of your interested and motivated subscribers or customers. During the sign-up process gather more demographic and preference information that will allow you deliver more targeted and personalized emails.

Irrespective of your beliefs, consider testing different distribution methods to find out what works best for you and your subscribers or customers.


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