What You Should Include into “Your Email Admin Centre”

The "Email Admin Center" is becoming a regular practice in permission-based email marketing. The “Email Admin Center” is the area of an email put at the bottom of the message where the sender includes all the administrative information such as an unsubscribe link, profile update link, company contact information, privacy information or link, and other.

Why add the "Email Admin Center" to your email newsletters?

Firstly, the admin center allows you follow best permission-based practices which imply that you must provide simple and clear privacy and email policies in your newsletter.

Secondly, you can respect the CAN-SPAM Act that requires, among other things, to include a working unsubscribe option (reply to or link) and a postal mailing address.

Thirdly, you can provide the recipients with an easy way to change their email address or profile details by adding “Update Profile” link to the admin area.

The "Email Admin Center" lets the email marketers present all of the above information in a single easy to find location within the email message.

The "Email Admin Center" makes your email newsletter look more professional and assures people that the email is coming from a reputable company which cares about the subscribers. Building trustful relationship with the subscribers is as much important in the email marketing as the legal compliance with CAN-SPAM Act.

What to include into the "Email Admin Center"?

What you will present in your "Email Admin Center" depends on what information you collected about your subscribers, your permission email practices and the type of email messages you are sending. Below is the list of information you may consider including if applicable:

Required by the CAN-SPAM Act:

  • Unsubscribe option – either a Reply-To address or a working URL.
  • Company contact information – email address, postal mailing address, phone number.
  • Link to the page where your company’s Privacy and/or Email Policy is stated.


  • A little remind why the recipient is receiving the email – “You are receiving this email because you subscribed to our mailing list at www.glocksoft.com"
  • The recipient’s email address of recipient – “You are receiving this email at johnsmith@company.com”
  • Link to change the recipient’s email address
  • Link to update the recipient’s profile (change preferences, personal information, message format)
  • Whitelist information – “To ensure delivery of this newsletter to your inbox and to enable images to load in future mailings, please add support@glocksoft.com to your e-mail address book or safe senders list”
  • View it in your browser – link to a web version of the newsletter (for recipients who may have troubles reading HTML emails)
  • Send to a Friend –link to the form on your website that lets the recipient send the email message to others
  • Subscribe link – this link lets people who received the email from someone else easily subscribe to your mailing list

It is important that you at least begin adopting the "Email Admin Center" in your newsletters. At first, you can include the minimum of required information and as far as you are advancing with your list building and email marketing program, you will be able to add more information to your admin area. As the adoption of the "Email Admin Center" practice grows, those companies that do not use it risk having a decline in the subscribers’ trust in their brand and revenue.


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