What a Good, Healthy HTML Newsletter Looks Like

Now we’ll just remind all the tips for designing a HTML email message and give an example of a good, “healthy” email newsletter created in G-Lock EasyMail. So, let’s recap:

  • Your name or your company name in the From field. Your recipients should immediately recognize who sent the message.
  • The recipient’s name (preferably) but not the email address in the To field.  During the sending process G-Lock EasyMail prepares an individual message for each recipient and creates the To field depending on your preferences.

    You can fill in the To field with:

    – the content of the Recipient Name field from the Address Book;
    – the content of the Company field from the Address Book;
    – the first part of the recipient’s email address from the Address Book;
    – your custom text (the “To” field will contain your custom text and the recipient’s email address);

  • A “branded” Subject line giving a small hint about what is in your message. Don’t capitalize all the text in the Subject if you don’t want to look like a spammer.
  • A personalized address to the recipient such as “Dear Julia” or “Hi John”. Take care to collect the recipients’ names during the sign-up process and merge the contact name into the message. A personalized message instills more trust. The recipient feels that the message comes from a known sender and is more likely to read your message.
  • The sender’s contact information: name, job, company name, website, e-mail, phone number, etc. The more contact information you provide, the more reputable your email will look.
  • The “Email Admin Center”where you can include:

    – a little remind why you are emailing to the recipient
    – recipient’s email address you have on your list
    – unsubscribe option
    – link to your Privacy or Email Policy
    – “View it in browser” link
    – other administrative information you see appropriate

Below is an example of HTML email newsletter we created in G-Lock EasyMail.


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