HTML Email in Web-Based Email Applications

Many of your recipients will be viewing your newsletter in their web browsers like Yahoo!Mail, Hotmail, or Gmail. There are certain things you need to know about web-based email applications:

  • They strip out the <HTML>, <HEAD>, and <BODY> tags in order to keep your code from interfering with their web pages. That means that any background colors you specify in your <BODY> tag will be lost. To avoid this, insert your entire email inside a larger, 100% wide table, and set a background color to that table.
  • Any CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) inside the <HEAD> tags will be lost. Don’t try to link to CSS files on your server but use embedded CSS instead, and make sure it’s below the <BODY> tag. For web designers, it’s not exactly the “proper” place to put embedded CSS but it will work for web-based email applications.
  • Pictures inserted into the email from the disk will come as attachments. To prevent this, host the images on your web server and include the links to them into your email. Thus, the pictures will be automatically loaded when the recipient opens your message.


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