How to Refer People to the Opt-in Page

After you created an opt-in page and made sure the sign-up process works as expected, it’s time to think about how you will send your website visitors to the opt-in page. Here are a couple of tips where you should put the subscribe link:

  • Make the opt-in link visible. It must be easy and obvious for your website visitors to find the sign-up page. Don’t make your visitors search to see if you offer an email newsletter. Include the opt-in link on every page of your site.
  • Make the link clear and obvious. Don’t use a vague name or term for the opt-in link: “Our Newsletter,” “E-newsletter,” or “Email Newsletter” is fine.
  • Put the opt-in link to the Resource Center. If you are a newsletter publisher, make sure you have an area on your website such as a “Knowledge or Resource Center” where you store previous newsletter issues and individual articles pulled from the newsletter. Then promote subscriptions to your newsletter from this area.
  • Put the opt-in link in every newsletter issue. If you publish your old newsletter issues on your website, make sure they include a “Subscribe” link within the actual email.
  • Put the opt-in link on the product page. If you sell products online, consider placing your opt-in link on the product page such as:

Subscribe to [Company] newsletter and get Special Offers and Discounts available to Subscribers only


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