How to Design the Opt-in Page Layout

Your opt-in page has the only purpose – to convert as many visitors as possible to subscribers. Therefore, the design, layout and copy of the opt-in page are of a great importance. Consider the following rules when creating your opt-in page:

  • Make it clean and simple. Your opt-in page design should be similar to that of the landing page. Create the opt-in page in the manner that it instills confidence, trust and value.
  • Show newsletter samples. If you have samples of your email newsletter, provide a link to the page where the subscriber can view the newsletter samples.
  • Use testimonials. If you have some testimonials from your readers, it’s wise to use them on your opt-in page. Use testimonials in pull-quote format, either text or as an image.
  • Offer incentives. This is a great way to increase conversion. Nowadays people are getting tons of marketing promotions, advertisements, sales letters, etc. and they are too cautious to give their permission for receiving messages from a new sender. And you should take this into account when creating your opt-in page and promise something of value to your future subscribers.  Your promise may include:
  • special reports;
  • software trial;
  • tips & news;
  • discounts;
  • email mini-course;
  • e-zine subscription.

Every form is very effective in obtaining opt-ins. You are simply promising them an instant access to some free content in return for their name and email address. So, after the prospect opts-in, you give him a download link on your “Thank You” page or in the confirmation email he receives.

  • State your privacy policy. It’s important that you include 1 or 2 sentences about your privacy policy near the “Subscribe” button below the form. People must be sure that if they opt-in to your list, they will not start receiving all kinds of spam from other companies. You can place the statements like “we hate spam as much as you do”, “we will not share your email address with anyone”, “the information you provide will not be shared with a third party”, etc. to reassure your prospects and increase your opt-in rate.
  • Set the expectations. The opt-in page should set expectations for the recipient: frequency of the emails, possible other communications from your company. If you are using a double opt-in method, clearly explain your confirmation process.


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