Creating Double Opt-In List with WP Subscription Plugin

You know the success of an email marketing campaign largely depends on the mailing list quality. It’s important for a good email marketer to have own list of opt-in email addresses. The easiest way to collect subscribers is by using a signup form on the website or blog.

If you have a WordPress blog, you can easily collect the subscribers and build your in-house mailing list using the free WP Mailing List Subscription Plugin, and even more – you can generate profits from the signup process.

This WordPress plugin allows the visitors of your blog subscribe to your mailing list using a double opt-in method. The signup form (Email, Name and other fields) is placed on the WordPress blog sidebar. After a user fills in the form and clicks "Subscribe", WP double opt-in plugin sends an email with the subscription confirmation link to the user. If the user confirms his subscription, the plugin sends a welcome email to the new subscriber.

The details of new subscribers are saved to your internal WordPress database. You can manage the mailing list inside WordPress and export the list for the further use in your email newsletter sending program.

WP Double Opt-In Subscription Plugin Features:

  • users can subscribe to your mailing list from your blog;
  • users can update their subscription details and unsubscribe;
  • sends a subscription confirmation email to the user;
  • sends a welcome email to each new subscriber (optional);
  • sends an unsubscribe notification to the user (optional);
  • saves the subscriber’s details to your internal WordPress database;
  • you can customize the signup form as you like (add fields, remove fields, -re-order fields);
  • you can build own in-house permission based email list using a double opt-in subscription method;
  • you can manage your opt-in mailing list inside WordPress (unsubscribe or delete users);
  • you can export your mailing list from WordPress for the use in your email marketing program.

You can read more about WP Double Opt-In Subscription Plugin and download it here


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