How to Maximize Your Email Marketing Strategy

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This is a guest post by Ken Myers

Email marketing is still one of the most commonly utilized methods for campaigns on various services and/or products on the Internet. As email campaigns take very little effort or cost to implement, a wide range of businesses find it easy to launch marketing strategies such as this. However, some of these strategies can incur quite a wrath from consumers, search engines, and filtration systems if you’re not careful about how you implement them. What are some ways that will maximize the abilities of your email marketing strategy?

1. Paid Lists – Third party email lists are the scourge of nearly every private individual on the Internet. There is a reason why spam filters exist and these vendors perpetuate those filters to becoming better and better. While these lists may seem harmless enough, unsolicited email from an unknown party can greatly irritate an individual.

If you insist on using a list that you are going to pay for, at least provide the option in your email to have the person removed from the list. If too many people begin to complain, your email could be flagged as spamming users and you could be blocked from sending any email whether it is a marketing campaign or not. Service such as Spam Haus and others can prevent even the most innocent emails to Grandma from being sent.

2. Catchy Titles – Much like grabbing the attention of someone on a website, your title needs to be catchy enough to entice the address owner to read the message over deleting. Stay away from forwarded messages because they look too much like scams sent from other individuals. For many email owners, the “FW:” text before the title becomes an instant reason to delete the message. Even if the content is legitimate, many people will delete it over reading the forwarded message in fear that it’s either a scam or a virus.

3. HTML or Non-HTML – If you have a subscription ability on your website, make sure that subscribers can either have HTML rich messages or prefer text only. Some computer systems take longer to load HTML messages if they can at all. Other address owners may simply rather have text over graphic design in the message. Either way, conforming to your subscribers is a good way to keep them. Give them what they want, and they’ll be happy.

4. Consistency – One of the best ways you can impact your email marketing is by being consistent with messages. If you don’t send messages out for several weeks, some of those who once read your content may forget who you are and delete the message. Others may view it that you are not professional enough to stay consistent with your customers. A weekly newsletter or email message could have a great impact on your business.

If your company become notorious for spammy email, there is a good chance that most spam filters and firewalls will trigger your email to be hurled into the trash or “junk mail” folder having very little chance of being seen. By implementing friendly email tactics, you improve your reputation and increase the chance of the average Joe actually reading the email instead of deleting the message. It can be somewhat of a hit-and-miss when developing a strategy that works. Just be vigilant and practice the best policies you can for creating a comfortable and worthwhile read.

Author Bio:

Ken Myers is the founder of & has learned over the years the importance of focusing on what the customer is looking for and literally serving it to them. He doesn’t try to create a need, instead he tries to satisfy the existing demand for information on products and services.


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