Email Marketing Guide

The book covers nearly everything you need to know about:

  • New ways to build your opt-in list & maximize your list response rate
  • Designing HTML emails for email clients and web-based email services
  • Simple email layouts that work best
  • Testing & delivering HTML email newsletters
  • Segmenting email lists & personalizing emails
  • Best email marketing practices & tips for better email delivery and open rate
  • Email campaign tracking: what happens after you click “Send” button?

Discover how to:

  • Build your in-house high responsive email list
  • Design your opt-in page & generate profits from the signup process
  • Create a good, “healthy” email newsletter
  • Optimize the email newsletter for higher open rate
  • Measure your email campaign performance: do you know how many recipients opened your email?
  • Manage your “bouncebacks” and “unsubscribes”
  • Identify inactive recipients & tips to re-engage them

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